Title and coding

to Rogier Arents’ window

The project will be titled 'A sequence of operations'. It refers to the term 'algorithm' and gives a quite literal description of my approach towards screen printing: To apply the principles of the digital algorithm into the analogue screen printing technique.

To keep an order within such an amount of unique prints a coding system is needed. This means that every print will be provided with a code name.
The code name will represent the input in the algorithm: a list of variables. The print itself can be seen as the output of the algorithm. The code name will be build up like this: S#C#M#Y#

S, followed by a number, represents the sequence. There have been a total of 5 repetitions of the algorithm. 


C, M and Y represent the colours of ink: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.
The number directly after the capital letter represents the position the paper has been placed. There have been a total of 4 positions, rotated 90 degrees and numbered clockwise.


This means that the following print will get the codename: S2C1M3Y2