New Window is an online gallery and platform that gives an insight into the making process of art and design. We commission series of artistic objects and share the story of the realization of objects with the audience. Every collaboration has its own window. Works are displayed and sold online, at events and through selected retailers.

Offering a platform for objects whose background stories deserve more attention is New Window’s main goal. Whether we focus on existing work or commission a completely new collection, every taken step is consistently documented and exposed. Materials, shapes, colours and uses become apparent as the journey evolves.

By sharing the various steps in the making process, New Window unveils a course that generally remains hidden from the public eye. A new world unravels, shedding a light on the elementary ingredients of innovation: inspiration, inquiry and reflection, as well as challenges, failures, encounters and uncovered hidden treasures.


New Window
Attn: Woes van Haaften
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 9
1072BB Amsterdam

+31 6 24 23 20 50

VAT No. NL131269446B02
Registered at Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Registration No. 55022359


New Window, an initiative by Woes van Haaften.

Concept and Editor
Woes van Haaften

Design and Code

Sarah Arnolds
Victoria Anastasyadis
Minke Havelaar

Atlas Grotesk

Thanks to
Gili Crouwel