Searching for composition

to Rogier Arents’ window

The artist-in-residence period at Grafisch Atelier Daglicht has come to an end. It is about time to create the final series of screen prints which can become part of 'One Window #1".

For this serie I am searching for a composition which is a combination of the systematic printing process described in the 'Hacking the guidelines' post and the gradient layer which adds contrast, weight and movement described in 'New layer'.


The first intention with the gradient layer was to just implement it directly into the printing process with the stickers. Though, now it feels wrong to work with several layers, it will destroy the simplicity of the composition.


When taking a close look at the gradient layer prints I find a ‘road’ to a suitable composition. The close-up has the playfulness I am looking for and I adore the shapes that come to exist by the coloured dots. It only lacks the distribution of weight I was looking for while adding the gradient layer.


I will work on a composition which is inspired by the close-ups of the gradient prints with more variations in the size of the dots.