New layer

to Rogier Arents’ window

I'm satisfied with the system I've used and written about in the blogpost 'Hacking the guidelines'. By using that system I created a series of prints in which every single print is unique. Now I want to experiment with layers to build compositions. To create more contrast, weight and movement I've decided to add a raster-gradient layer.


With a photographic technique the raster image is transferred onto the silkscreen. To test the new layer I've created a series of prints using the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Every print in the series contains a unique combination of colors, starting with single colors C, M, Y and K. Followed by 2-color combinations CM, CY, CK, MY, MK, YK. 3-color combinations CMY, CMK, MYK and at last the 4-color combination CMYK.


Photo by Marcel de Buck


The raster I've used is quite rough, therefore the dots start to play with your mind and become very vivid. The simplicity of this series and the moiré effect satisfy me. Though this series is just an experiment I also see it as a work on itself. Now I feel confident to make a next step towards a final series of prints which can be exhibited in 'One Window #1'.


Photo by Marcel de Buck