Inspired by Ger de Joode

to Rogier Arents’ window

In November 2014 I presented the Cube and Tetrahedron prints at the Ars et Mathesis exhibition. On this day I saw inspiring lectures from several speakers who combine mathematics and art in their work. I was most impressed by painter Ger de Joode.


Chaos en Orde 3 – Ger de Joode, 1987

I was fascinated by his mathematical approach to build up a painting. It seemed like he was programming his paintings, like how a computer programmer would make an artwork. It inspired me to learn to work with javascript and I started to experiment with generating images instead of drawing.


Rotaties III, 1003 – Ger de Joode, November 2003

Ger de Joode is born in 1939 and works since 1998 full-time in his atelier. As an artist he aims to create order in the complexity of reality by creating visual structures which provide guidance and beauty. De Joode is inspired by the laws of nature and abstracts these concepts into geometric shapes and color ranges.


Dag en Nacht – Ger de Joode