#2: Ola Lanko

In this episode Ola Lanko explains her (non) position as a visual artist and photographer. She speaks about education, as a student herself and being a teacher now, her background in the Ukraine and her inspirations, mainly not from the creative world. With her work Ola would like to make us aware of the importance and danger of image–forming, especially in a moment of time where everybody (for instance with their cell phones) is a co–creator of a directed representation of the world, that is often presented as reality.

In her artistic practice, Ola Lanko pushes the vision, understanding and perception to the point where it breaks down. She works in a systematic but intuitive way combining ideas of rationalists and romanticists in a single experiment to understand the world, bring curiosity and bewilderment to peoples daily practice. Ola explores the notion of photographic image and expands it into photogenic installations and photographic projects. She explores parallel knowledge production and histories that are created by images. Working with metaphors and references she rearranges them in a new non-linear narratives. Ola believes that in order to deal with new conditions of visual information, while the world is being transformed into images, it is necessary to develop a qualitative approach to the process of looking, have a critical attitude towards images and be aware of its role in the overall perception of the surrounding.


Romantic act of reason, photogenic installation, 2014


Mountain, photogenic installation, 2015. Three dimensional collage comprising of found footage.


Collaboration project ED that explores amateur archives as a source for an investigation into contemporary use of photography.

M, 2015. A speculative visual journey composed out of found footage.


Stages of fading, Unfixed




Tuffo, Alexander Rodchenko, 1934


Costume designs, Alexander Rodchenko, 1930


Tatlin’s Tower. Project for the Monument to the Third International designed by the Russian artist and architect Vladimir Tatlin.


An example made with Auto Enhance function in Google +


Mine the image. A few thoughts on the concealed richness of visual soil Essay by Ola Lanko that explores the ideas about complex nature of a photograph.


The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin (1936)

Samaritan by John Zorn from album Gift 2001


Shelter, Installation shot, Kunst aan de Schinkel, 2015


Shelter, Installation detail, Kunst aan de Schinkel, 2015


Shelter, Installation detail, Kunst aan de Schinkel, 2015

Video impression of the Shelter project


Warp and Woof. Work in progress of Ola’s newest project that reflects upon the fragmented perception of the information and iconic imagery.


Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Satirical novella by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott written in 1884.


Required reading, Rubik’s cube, 2013


Pepper, Rubik’s cube, 2013

The Ballad of Hank McCain Mike Patton and John Zorn 2000.