Ongoing search to catch sunlight


The presentation at Dutch Design Week 2015

At our exhibitions during Graphic Design Festival 2015 (Breda, NL) and the Dutch Design Week 2015 (Eindhoven, NL) Sacha van den Haak & Felix van Dam showed the Day light, Morning light project.

As the project was about to come to an ending, Sacha and Felix found out their thirst for answers wasn't quenched yet. The idea of One Window #1, only using one silk screen within the process, provided a fertile soil to start our research, but they wanted more. In order to continue our research we decided, in deliberation with Woes, to drop the single silk screen framework, thus making room for our ongoing search to catch sunlight.

The next steps in their exploration will be presented on this website, and physically during Designkwartier 2016 (May 27–29) at ‘New Window + Post Modern’, Gallery Arte Sin Límites, Anna Paulownastraat 71, The Hague