Printing daylight

to Sacha van den Haak & Felix van Dam’s window

We had to travel to The Hague to make a print of our daylight ‘drawing’, since the screen printing tables inside Felix’s basement proved too small for the big screen. In the past we have printed there before, we knew our way around and were quick in preparing everything for our first screen prints.

As said earlier we washed away the excessive emulsion from the screen. There was a lot of drawing in the middle of our window. If we could print this in shades of grey we would get a beautiful overview of a day’s light. There we go. We filled the mesh with ink by pushing the squeegee over it and made a print. Hm even the side parts of the screen, which we thought would deliver an clear print, was washed out and was not really visible on paper. Ok do it again! The second time we could already see more patterns appear. We decided to keep going for at least 5 more prints to see how it would turn out. A slight improvement, but the hopes we had of getting a beautiful grey–ish centre vanished by every piece of paper that went under the window.

A bit disappointed we finished at 10 prints. There was just not more daylight to be printed. The ‘drawing’ we could see in the window was now accentuated with the black ink we used to print it with. So actually the window itself looked great. Now we have to figure out if we would expose only this detail, and continue researching after the first presentation at Graphic Design Festival Breda 2015. Or would we do it again?