Go time

to Sacha van den Haak & Felix van Dam’s window

Starting an assignment we investigate every characteristic of the question. We try to find our ‘answers’ within the question. We explore the project’s boundaries by experimenting with different possibilities. We’re looking for an image, an idea or a method that the boundaries itself can provide. This way we believe to come to a pure and logical outcome that has its own aesthetics and that genuinely surprises ourselves as well as the onlooker.

When Woes asked us to participate in the One Window #1 project a couple of weeks ago, we jumped at the chance to be working with silkscreen again, but mainly because of the simple boundaries given and the endless possibilities these limitations offer us. This ‘problem’ challenges us to look at the basics of silkscreen printing in order to find our way. As you can only expose the window to light one time this could be a interesting approach to investigate. What would happen if you would light the window with a strobe? What if you lay it in the garden underneath a tree, would it capture the subtle shades and the turning of the sun during the day? Could you capture depth when you place different objects in a space.. light the whole space assuring the objects’ shadows fall on the silkscreen window? Hmmm the endless possibilities in lighting alone!