A name

to Lex Pott’s window

Originally, the word diptych was used in reference to a specific kind of painting consisting of two different parts that are connected with a hinge, usually depicting a Biblical scene. Small diptychs could be folded in two to function as a portable altarpiece.
 Nowadays, we also use the word to describe something that consists of two elements that complement and reinforce each other.

Our copywriter Sarah first used this word in a post written in late October. It somehow stuck with us, as it slowly became clear in how many ways this term applies to our project.
 First of all, we have the sandblasted annual rings and the parts of the object that we leave in their natural, untouched state: a contrast between nature and the human hand. Then there are the shapes in the object itself: irregular, organic forms and strong geometry, open and closed. And last of all we find a diptych in Lex and Woes, the founders of this project - a project that we now have a name for.